A Save the World Field Trip for Millionaire Tech Moguls

A Save the World Field Trip for Millionaire Tech Moguls

Use one of the following links to find your other article:

Public Radio International: Syrian Refugees

The Global Citizenship Initiative (Scroll down to see the stories)

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Preserving Species

Use the following articles to complete the handout:

Article 1: These Animals Might Go Extinct Because No One Wants to Eat Them

Article 2: To Save the Black Rhino, Hunting Club Bids On Killing One

Article 3: Vermont Biologist on Why You Should Eat Invasive Species

Article 4: Japanese Knotweed: a Plant with Strange SuperPowers

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LED Bulbs






Keystone XL



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Articles for Topic 4

Swamp thingThe Endangered Species Act- Making Innocent Species the Enemy

Hundred of Endangered Species on the Road to Recovery

Swamp thing


Swamp Pink

ESA at 30

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Conflict Ted Talks

Please investigate two Ted Talks. One of the Ted Talks must be from one of the two below:

Janine DiGiovanni – What I Saw in the War

Sean Gourley – On the Mathematics of War

For your second video, you are encouraged to search for a video that interests you.

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Inside North Korea

Follow the link below to watch the film “Inside North Korea“.

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Mapping the Refugee Crisis

Refugees Key Terms

Refugees Data Sheet

Mapping One Refugee’s Journey

Extension Activity:

Protecting and Supporting the Displaced in Syria

“German Volunteers Launch ‘Airbnb for Refugees’

U.S. to take at least 10,000 more Syrian Refugees

Office of Refugee Resettlement

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