Political Systems Introduction

Valentine Survey

Karanik Survey

Freedom in the World 2018

North Dakota Report

North Dakota Opinion Piece

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Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act- Making Innocent Species the Enemy

Hundred of Endangered Species on the Road to Recovery

ESA at 30

Swamp Pink PDF or Swamp Pink


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LED Bulbs






Keystone XL



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Reading- Think Again: War

Think Again- War

Is the world getting more or less violent?

1. First, right down your thoughts on this question. Be descriptive!

Read the article. Highlight evidence that supports the author’s point of view.

After reading, write your answers to the following….

2. Does the author agree or disagree with your opinion? Did he change your opinion?

3. What evidence does he provide to strengthen your argument?

4. What evidence would you need to prove him wrong?

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Culture & Education

The following are PDF files of our class readings.

Report Card

Tiger Mom

South Korea




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Political TED Talk’s

Choose from the following two playlists:

The Global Power Shift

Freedom Rising

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Political Systems Chart Links

First you will need to understand what these organizations measure.

Freedom House Methodology – Scroll down to Checklist of Questions

Human Development Index Methodology

Complete the chart using these links.

Freedom House Scores

Human Development Scores

HDI 2016

World Happiness Report (Use this: link for an easier to read Wikipedia blog)

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no column to code the World Happiness Report. Just color the country name using the following codes:

  • 1-52 Green
  • 53-104 Yellow
  • 105-156 Red
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Political Institutions

Links for your research:

Consent of the Governed


Freedom of Expression


Multiparty Systems

Majority/Minority Rule


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Human Rights PSA Project Calendar

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 8.05.57 AM.png


Child Prostitution PSA (Teacher’s Comment: Try to avoid telling people the only way to help is through a donation.)

Women’s Abuse


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Inside North Korea – Valentine Only

Click here to watch the video and answer questions.

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