Human Rights Poster

We defined the concepts of the Social Contract and looked at examples of what are and are not our human rights. You will work with a small team to further identify the meaning of one specific human right.





  1. Create a definition of your human right.  Use the UN Declaration of Human Rights to help you accomplish this.
  2. Find a quote that further defines and supports your group’s definition of the right.
  3. Locate four images that portray aspects of the human right.  Locate one image that does not portray the human right.
  4. Assemble the elements together on a poster; definition,  quote and summary of their position, four image examples, one non-example image.

You will be assessed on the accuracy and relevancy of your:

  • Definition
  • Quote
  • Images

Your poster must be consistent.  It should demonstrate that as a group you thoroughly discussed the right you were assigned and came to a consensus about how it should best be portrayed.

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