Country Research Paper-UN Simulation

You will analyze and submit in writing the present conditions of children in your assigned country.  You must take into account your nation’s unique economic and political background.  You will write a two page report that addresses these questions.


Global Issues in Context This is the schools online database.  Here you will find a searchable database of articles and essays.

BBC This link will take you to the country profiles provided by the BBC news services.

UNICEF UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s fund.  They conduct work in all nations that belong to the UN.  They have detailed research that will help you understand the situation in your country better.


Describe the general status of children in your assigned country/region. The research specifically for the following:

Access to education

Availability of health care

Evidence of exploitation of children (such as soldiers or workers)

Laws that protect children from exploitation

Enforcement of laws equally across all levels of society

Report your thoroughly researched findings in a clearly worded report.


Consider the overall status of your country/region, as gathered in your political, economic and cultural research from earlier this year.  Which of these options best describes your nation’s position, and why?

    • Is your nation strong economically and willing to help end child exploitation through funding various projects?
    • Has your nation made great strides in ending child exploitation and willing to help by offering guidance to other nations?
    • Does child exploitation occur in your nation but your government has no means of ending it?

Report your thoroughly researched findings in a clearly worded report.

Your paper must be two pages, single-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 pt font, with 1″ margins.

You must print out TWO copies of your paper.

You must also include proper source citations. (May be on a separate page.)

Evidence = 10

Analysis = 10

Clarity = 5 (including citations)

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