Iran Conflict, Part Two

Now that we have watched Persepolis, you will do research to determine what Iran is like today.  Use the links to gather information in answer to the following questions.

Describe the structure of the government.  Who has the power?  How do they exercise that power?  Link

What did reporter John Simpson observe about Iran on the 30-year anniversary of the revolution? Link

What are the differences between the lives of women and men in Iran?  Link

Describe the voting protests of the Iranian.  Were they successful?  Explain.  Link

What role did twitter play in the voting protests?  Link

Describe the situation regarding Iran and nuclear weapons. Link

Once you finish this work, see what is being said in the news recently about Iran.  Look at sources such as the BBC and New York Times.

After you have shared and discussed your research, watch this recent report on Iran, produced by 60 Minutes.  Make sure to get a pair of headphones.

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