Israel/Palestine Research

PEACE PLANS:  Use this link to get you started.  You may search elsewhere to fill in any gaps you might have.

VIEWPOINTS:  For the first part of the sheet which asks you to take notes on varying viewpoints and answer the three questions on the back, use this link:  Middle East Peace Talks:  Where they Stand

For the final part of the handout use “Jerusalem’s Troubled Geography

SECURITY BORDER:  After you have completed the handout, use all of the links below to answer the following questions in your notebook:

1.  What is the West Bank Security Barrier?  Where is the West Bank Security Barrier?

2.  What are the arguments for the building of the fence/wall? What are the arguments against the building of the fence/wall?

Israel’s Barrier

Opinion Piece from the NY Times

Impact on Nature

Banksy Just take a look at the art and detail the arguments against the wall.

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