Annotated Bibliography Resources

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

You are encouraged to use the Media Center’s databases including Ebsco Host & Global Issues in Context  for your annotated bibliography.  Both resources have tools to help you create citations.

Click here to enter the Media Center’s website.

Click on Databases & eBooks.  The log-in is raiders.  The password is raiders1.


Click on Ebsco Host.  The username is spfhs.  The password is raiders.

Then click on Ebscohost Web.

Check Select/deselect all.  Scroll down and remove any searches you do not feel would help your search.  Remove Primary Search & Middle Search Plus. They are designed for elementary and middle schools.

Under “Limit Your Results”, click on “Linked to Full Text” and narrow the date range to dates you feel are still relevant to your research.

Pick some key words related to your conflict and click search.

Global Issues in Context

Click on Global Issues in Context.  Password: spfhs.

Click on Browse Issues and Topics.

Click on Browse Regions.

Select your region.

Select your nation.

A query box opens on the left and your search will be limited to articles related to your nation.

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