What is poverty?

These are the sites to use as you research your critical attribute.  For all of these websites, you must click on several reports.  You can NOT simply look at the first page you see.  You must explore each site in order to find any data they have available.

To help you, consider these specifics:

  • Health – Mortality Rate, Types of Disease, People per Hospital, Money Spent on Health Care
  • Education – Literacy Rate, Highest Education Attained, # Enrolled in School
  • Access to Water – Drinkable Water
  • Access to Food – Caloric Intake, Malnourishment Rates
  • Gender – Which gender is impacted more by poverty?  How?
  • Age – What age group is impacted most by poverty?  Why?

The handout is available here: Poverty Research

PovertyNet – This site is difficult to navigate but once you figure it out, it offers a wealth of information.  Click Data, click By Topic, Select one of the topics, Select one of the graphs.  Once a graph comes up, you can add an economic indicator.  Type in Low Income.  If you want to compare it to high income, type in high income.  A line or point will show up.  You can change the indicators on the left column.

Millennium Goals  Click on relevant goals.  Links to fact finder reports available as well.

Care  Scroll over Care’s Work.  Click on What We Do.

Also, there are three stories at the bottom of the homepage titled Help Her Live, Learn & Earn.

Global Poverty Project  Click on Take Action.  Click on Global Poverty Info Bank.

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