Is democracy good for the poor?

Is democracy good for the poor?

You are now aware that poverty exists on across the globe.  You are also aware that there are different types of government structures.  Countries may embrace democracy, autocracy, or be somewhere in between.  Should world leaders actively seek to install democratic governments?  Would installing democracy help end large scale absolute poverty?
Consider these questions.  Write a two to three paragraph response of your thoughts.  Be sure to reference course materials in support of your ideas.
25 points
Exceeds expectations 25-23
written response demonstrates deeply thought out, interesting and unique concepts and utilizes several course materials specifically and accurately; discuss both autocracy and democracy
Meets expectations – 22-20
written response demonstrates well thought out and interesting concepts and utilizes several course materials; inaccuracies do not detract from your discussion
Needs improvement 19-18
written response demonstrates some interesting concepts and utilizes few course materials; inaccuracies detract from your discussion
Inadequate 17-0
written response demonstrates little thought does not and utilize course materials; several errors
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