Nation Fact Finder Report & Nation Position Paper

Use these websites for your research.


Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

Library of Congress Children’s Rights: International and National Laws and Practices (Some of your country’s may not have data.)

The whole report is interesting, but if you hit Command and the letter F on your keyboard, a search box will open up.  Search for “children’s rights” and click until you see the entire section on children.


CIA World Factbook

BBC Country Profiles

A.M. Best Company (Some of your country’s may not have data.)

U.S. Department of State – Travel


Freedom House Freedom in the World 2012


Heritage 2013 Index of Economic Freedom


World Health Organization

Kaiser Family


Human Development Report – Will help to find information about education.

OECD Programme for International Student Assessment – (Some of your country’s may not have data.)


Child Labor Statistics


You should also utilize Global Issues in Context.  Follow the directions below.

Global Issues in Context

Click here to access the Media Center web page.

Click on Databases and ebooks.

Log-in: raiders.  Password: raiders1

Click on Global Issues in Context.  Password: spfhs

Click on Browse Issues and Topics.

Click on Browse Regions.

Select your region.

Select your nation.

A query box opens on the left and your search will be limited to articles related to your nation.

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