Essential Question Wrap-Up: How is perspective manipulated?

We have looked at how textbooks and maps can lead us to develop a single story about people and events. Our concluding activity for this question will ask you to show your understanding of how perspective can manipulate our understanding of the world around us.

You may choose one of the following activities:

  1. Find a map, news article or video that attempts to manipulate your perspective of a person or an event.
    1. IMPORTANT: Do not use an editorial because they are designed to persuade.
    2. Summarize the map, article or video in a brief paragraph.  (Who, What, When, Where, How)
    3. Analyze how the article is manipulative.  (Clearly connect to class content)
    4. Attach the map or article.  Provide a link to videos.
  1. Create a listicle.
    1. A listicle asks you to generate a list of important ideas and explain them in brief sentences.
    2. Your listicle should have three different points and a brief paragraph of explanation for each.
    3. Each point you make should answer our essential question; how is perspective manipulated?
    4. You may draw from themes and examples seen in class, but you must also contribute at least one unique idea or example.
Meets or Exceeds Expectations Approaches Expectations Does Not Meet Expectations
Demonstrates Understanding of Topic The product clearly and accurately uses terms and ideas from class. The product is mostly clear with minor inaccuracies. The product is mostly generalized or is inaccurate.
Incorporates Specific Examples and Detail Very strong and accurate references to class materials, including readings and class activities Mostly strong and accurate references to class materials, including readings and class activities.  May be missing relevant references. Some reference to class materials.  May use irrelevant or incorrect references.
Requirements met Directions were followed, and the product is edited and looks professional in Times New Roman or Cambria 12 point font.Product is creative. Directions were followed, but the product may contain some errors.  Product is completed in Times New Roman or Cambria 12 point font. Directions were not followed.Contains multiple spelling or grammar mistakes that distract from the product.
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