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Is capitalism good for the poor?

THE MULE WOMEN OF MELILLA Classwork Assignment:  Choose ONE of these articles to complete the assignment. India’s Rag Pickers Living Off Toxic Trash Two major, common issues on the test: 1.  Overall lack of evidence 2.  Evidence was not used … Continue reading

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Research Paper

Here is the rubric for your paper. Thesis Paper Rubric Here is a final checklist for formatting. Final Paper Submission Checklist instructions: Go to Access codes are as follows: Ms. Karanik Period 1 Class Id: 7318462     Password: … Continue reading

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Is Capitalism good for the poor?

To look up the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI), follow this link: United Nations HDI To look up the World Economic Forum, follow these directions: Go to World Economic Forum Find your nation (The index of countries can be … Continue reading

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