Research Paper

Here is the rubric for your paper.

Thesis Paper Rubric

Here is a final checklist for formatting.

Final Paper Submission Checklist instructions:

Go to

Access codes are as follows:

Ms. Karanik

Period 1

Class Id: 7318462     Password: spfgp1

Period 3

Class Id: 7318467     Password: spfgp3

Period 5/6

Class Id: 7318472     Password: spfgp56

Mr. Valentine

Period 2

Class Id: 7318415     Password: spfgp2

Period 7/8

Class Id: 7318476     Password: spfgp78

Period 9

Class Id: 7318477     Password: spfgp9

Period 10

Class Id: 7318481     Password: spfgp10

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