Is capitalism good for the poor?


Classwork Assignment:  Choose ONE of these articles to complete the assignment.

India’s Rag Pickers

Living Off Toxic Trash

Two major, common issues on the test:

1.  Overall lack of evidence

2.  Evidence was not used accurately

Things to do as you write:

Reference the evidence.

This means specifically naming the article, notes(powerpoint) or activity that the information comes from.  It is not enough to simply say “communism.”  You must reference where this information comes from.  You have multiple readings from which to draw.

Interpret the evidence correctly.

Now that you have selected strong, relevant evidence you must now correctly interpret it.  The analysis score hinges on your ability to correctly utilize the evidence in answer of the question and arguing your position on the question.  It is not enough to reference evidence; it must be correctly applied.

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