Nation Fact Finder Report

Demographics (First set of boxes)

Use the CIA World Factbook

Use the Geography and People & Society tabs


Use the CIA World Factbook

Use the government tab

Use Freedom House

Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the BY NAME tab and select your country.  Scores are out of 6.  1 is Free and 6 is Not Free

Use Transparency International

Select your country from the list.  Information can be found in the Data & Research and Public Opinion tabs.


Use the CIA World Factbook

The economy narrative will help you to answer these questions.  Remember that economies can be free (individuals control the means of production) all the way to not free (government controls industry and property).


For the first question, use the State Department’s Alerts & Warnings Page

Under the bright yellow banner, there is a spot to type in your nation’s name.

For the second question, use The World Bank and the UN Human Development Index.

Mr. Valentine or Ms. Stayvas will demonstrate how to use this website.  You will be interpreting data from both sites.

For the question on Child Labor, use UNICEF.

For the final question, use the State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report.

The State Department places nations into four tiers.
Tier 1 nations have met the minimum requirements as set by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act
Tier 2 nations meet most requirements and are taking serious actions towards fulfilling the minimum requirements.
Tier 2 Watch List nations meet most requirements but have a significant number of trafficked persons and/or do not seem to be making new attempts at reducing victims.
Tier 3 nations do not meet the minimum standards and are not working towards meeting them.
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