Conflict Project

Preventing Deadly Conflict

You will be assigned one conflict to research and present relevant information on. You will receive an information sheet that will provide a strong overview of the conflict. You will then need to research further.

You will use educreations for this project.  Be sure to include an opening and a closing slide.  Make sure to provide supporting evidence.  Also, your images should enhance the story of the conflict.  Use the features of the app to help you make this happen.

These are the questions you need to provide information on.

  1. What was the conflict?
  2. Where did this conflict happen? (Have relevant maps.)
  3. Who was doing the fighting during the conflict
  4. What were the major causes of the conflict? (Reference our list of causes.)
  5. What major events should we be aware of regarding this conflict?
  6. How was the conflict managed or resolved?
  7. What foreign policy tools were used before or during the conflict?       How successful were they?
  8. How could this conflict have been avoided? Which foreign policy tool could have been implemented?
  9. What is one resource that is a “must” regarding this conflict? (can be audio, visual, article, book)
  10. You must also provide a bibliography.

You will use educreations to present your research.



Was the viewer able to understand the overall conflict from your introduction?

How well were each of the components covered?

Did you provide relevant evidence? Was your information accurate and thorough?

Did you reference specific terms from the conflict unit?

Did you provide a bibliography? Did you use high quality sources?


Was your audience easily able to understand your conflict and follow your presentation?

Did you use a variety of images (such as photos, graphs, maps) and text (including audio, visual) to convey your message?

Did your presentation demonstrate interest and pride?

Did you utilize the features of the app?

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