Human Rights Parent Discussion Questions

Period 1-2

What is the most basic human right that all people should have?

Do you believe that throughout the world all rights are protected equally?

Can the average person help to protect human rights or is the problem so big that only large organizations and influential people can help?

How can something across the world affect you at home? How can something you do at home affect someone across the world?

Period 5-6

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a human rights activist do you consider yourself? Why do you think that?

Do you believe that people who live in different countries or belong to different religions should be protected by the same human rights?

When would you take action to enforce human rights?

Period 7-8

What is your assessment of human rights today across the world? How would you classify the progress made compared to your childhood?

What different challenges can affect people’s access to human rights?

How efficiently does the United Nations convert money into results?

Which type of right, provision, protection, or participation, is most important?

How can we as a family take action to ensure human rights?

Period 9-10

What human rights do you think are the most essential to live a quality life?

What human rights should be guaranteed to everyone no matter where they live? Are there any rights that should be nation specific?

What human rights should be guaranteed to everyone no matter how old they are? Are there any rights that should be age specific?

Why do you think people get away with violating other people’s human rights? What should be done to stop those people?

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