Globalization – Marketing a Nation

We have looked at multiple elements of globalization.  You will now work through a real world scenario of representing one nation and marketing it to fulfill the needs of a global company.

To help provide focus, we have provided a list of attributes below.  Your overall goal is to MARKET your country to one or more of the companies listed below.  Be sure to check out their needs as you gather your research.  Report on the attributes that are most relevant in marketing your nation.


(For each of these, provide context as to why the number you provide would be relevant to the company).


Gross Domestic Product

Levels of absolute poverty

Number of Internet users

Mobile phone subscribers

Number of Facebook users

Extent of electricity in homes and businesses


(For each of these, provide context as to why the example would be relevant to the company).

Significant successful entrepreneurs (Biography)

Major corporations – (strengths, global presence)

Infrastructure – (state of transportation in your nation, including highways, railroad, and ports)

Government – policies related to businesses, property rights, and ease of opening a business


These are companies looking to expand globally.  Which company should you gear your presentation toward?  You should note that some of the companies are looking to go into developed nations and others into developing nations.  The class will view all of the projects and make a determination as to which company should go to which nation.

Nike – looking to open a new factory, 10,000 low wage workers

Apple –  looking to sell newest Apple products  (iPhone, iPad) open a new retail store

Boeing – looking to open a new research and development center of supersonic jets

T-mobile – looking to sell recycled  smartphones, expand their market

Versace – looking to sell high end, luxury clothing, open a new retail store

General Electric – Looking to sell trains and develop infrastructure


Present your information using Google Slides.  Provide relevant imagery such as photographs, charts or maps.  Your finished work is worth earning 20 points.  

Want to see an example?

Some places to start your research

BBC Country profiles

U.S. State Department Travel Advisory

CIA World Factbook

Freedom House

Index of Economic Freedom

World Happiness Report

Human Development Index

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