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Political Systems Introduction

Valentine Survey Karanik Survey Freedom in the World 2018 North Dakota Report North Dakota Opinion Piece Advertisements

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Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act- Making Innocent Species the Enemy Hundred of Endangered Species on the Road to Recovery ESA at 30 Swamp Pink PDF or Swamp Pink  

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Culture & Education

The following are PDF files of our class readings. Report Card Tiger Mom South Korea Finland Heisey  

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Political TED Talk’s

Choose from the following two playlists: The Global Power Shift Freedom Rising

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Political Institutions

Links for your research: Consent of the Governed Elections Freedom of Expression Accountability Multiparty Systems Majority/Minority Rule  

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Human Rights PSA Project Calendar

SAMPLE PSAs from LAST YEAR: Child Prostitution PSA (Teacher’s Comment: Try to avoid telling people the only way to help is through a donation.) Women’s Abuse  

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Inside North Korea – Valentine Only

Click here to watch the video and answer questions.

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